Elastomeric bearings


The KPRM elastomeric bearings are constructed of elastomeric layers reinforced with steel sheets. The durable combination of metal sheet and rubber ensures a consistent rigidity and bearing capacity. They are used mainly in bridges, providing horizontal displacements in all directions and limited rotations while shifting the support reactions from the load-bearing structure to the supports. Due to the uncomplicated construction, the elastomeric bearings are durable, reliable and easy to assemble. They
provide linear and angular displacement of the structure by deformations of the elastomeric block. Depending on the degree of the linear displacements and the rotations that the bearings are to provide, respectively, the vertical load capacity increases or decreases.

The bearings are manufactured in accordance with the PN-EN 1337-3 Standard, Structural bearings – Part 3: Elastomeric bearings.