Bridge expansion joints - Selected references in production and supply. Over 7km of built-in expansion joints in the last 5 years.


Bridge Bearings - Selected designs of bearings manufactured by the KPRM.


Movie link - Bridge load test of no. 21 bridge on S7 expressway (Lubień - Rabka Zdrój).


Special projects


The replacement of expansion joints at Bridge No.7 intersecting E88/E611 United Arab Emirates - Al Sharjah

The Project has been realized by Ministry of the Infrastructure Development UAE (MOID), and awarded to Base General Contracting L.L.C. as the main contractor in a cooperation with KPRM Infrastructure Ltd as the production company.

Since the number of axle loads on existing expansion joints exceeded the designed value and it failed under the extra traffic loads, the joints replacement for the new ones had become necessary. The design of the new expansion joints as well as their installation has been adopted to the high load traffic; over 20 tons per axis has been assumed. The new expansion joints have been divided into modular units. The anchoring system of the expansion joints with anchor bolts on epoxy resin has been applied to avoid the time and costs consuming preparation of the anchoring niches. Both: the modular units and the anchoring system have made the replacement easy and efficient.

After the project was completed, KPRM Infrastructure Ltd in the global infrastructure congress 2018 which took place in Dubai, won the award on category (Innovation Award in Maintenance).